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Update at Dec 2021 - please note that most of the site is now an archive. With the spread of social media etc (plus my move from the UK to the US in 2012), I stopped producing newsletters (and reviews) some years ago, though everything I've published is still here within this fan-orientated site. I still actively update the "Cheap Trick Collectors" and "Gigography" (Tour History) sections regularly, as the band continues to release new music and tour :-)

pick7.jpg (36261 bytes) I first heard Cheap Trick in Feb 1979, on the radio in England. The song was the live version of "I Want You to Want Me". Within two weeks, I'd cycled 15 miles each way in a thunderstorm to buy my first Cheap Trick album, the classic "Live at Budokan". I was hooked on the band from Rockford, IL, and quickly started looking for the three earlier studio albums, and as many singles as I could track down at record fairs. And therein started my nearly 25 year love of one of America's finest, and sadly, most underated bands.

I couldn't begin to say how much money I've spent over the years, building up my collection, and travelling to shows.  Since Aug 1995, I've had increasing opportunity to travel to the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe to see the band live, and every penny is well spent, for the pleasure the bands performances have given me. Not to mention meeting so many of their wonderful legion of loyal fans. All fine people.

Due to lack of marketing and touring opportunities, Cheap Trick's profile in Britain and Europe has sadly diminished since the early 1980's, though they still retain a loyal support. The music press rarely, if ever, carried any news of the band's fortunes. So having hooked up to the Internet early in 1996, I decided to start up a free (paper) newsletter, for British and European fans, containing snippets of news. I advertised in various British music magazines, and established a mailing list of keen fans, eager for news. Since then this has evolved into a regular bi-monthly one page newsletter, generally with an interview or show/trip reviews.

Paper copies are still sent out to those not on the 'Net, but increasingly more people are receiving it by e-mail. And not just in Europe, but Canada, Australasia, Japan and South America. So it seem's a good idea to make the archive of past newsletters and reviews available more freely.

If you click on the links on the left, you'll be taken to various sections. Apart from the Photo Galleries, its almost all text. I hope you find some of it interesting. Feel free to write to me at with any comments you may have. So for now, happy reading, and join me in continuing to support one of the legendary American rock bands, CHEAP TRICK !

Kim Gisborne, Leeds, England.


This Site and all material held within it are Copyright by Kim Gisborne