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Other Collectables


(this front page last updated 01 May 2018)

Welcome to a new part of my website (as at 14 November 2004). I haven't seen any CT fan website try to pull together collectibles (though apologies if I'm wrong!) so I thought I'd have a go and put up as much information as I can about some of the vast volume of Cheap Trick collectables out there.

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Warning!  This list will *never* be exhaustive so please don't take it as 100% complete in any way! I'm sure there are gaps, and if you spot any please do let me know. Initially it was based on my own collection of CT memorabilia, but I've kindly been sent some information by fellow CT collectors plus I've found some extra information on sellers websites such as Also, I am choosing to ignore things such as bootleg CD's and the like. As far as possible I hope to post up "officially" available items, in particular as complete a discography as possible from around the world.

I'm also including a lot of photo's of various items though again I can't do everything because I don't have enough webspace for that. But I hope the pictures I do include are helpful to those who collect Cheap Trick items. All photo's are my copyright unless otherwise stated.

Without further ado, click on a link (on the left) and see how much Cheap Trick there is out there to collect!

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(Thanks to Lisa Jebsen, Todd Cravens, Patricia Golding, Daria Brooks, Mike Hayes, Mike Labeda and Suz for additional info and/or pictures), and Marcio Andrei Loiacono for information on Brazilian releases.


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