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Other Collectables (last updated 29 Dec 2021)

This is the page that covers just about everything else!

Cheap Trick - DOWNLOAD ONLY (updated 29 Aug 2017)

no cat # - Next Position Please - Authorized edition (at March 06, only available via MP3 download to US based consumers)
no cat # - Epic Archive vol 1 (released July 2015)
no cat # - Epic Archive vol 2 (released Nov 2015)
no cat # - Epic Archive vol 3 (released Nov 2015)
no cat # - Waiting for the Man (single, released 04/01/17)
no cat # - The Summer Looks Good on You (single, released 05/18/18)
no cat # - Light Up The Fire (single, released 01/28/21)
no cat # - Light Up The Fire (single, released 01/28/21)



Cheap Trick on CASSETTE (list updated 14 March 2021)

(Note: I have added "unconfirmed" to those items where I've got the info from a dealers website but have not had confirmation from any other fan that they own or have seen the item)

PET34400 - Cheap Trick (US, cream plastic)
ET 65572 - Cheap Trick (US, remaster with extra tracks)
PET34400 - Cheap Trick (Canada) *new*
40-32070 - Cheap Trick (UK)
40-81917    - Cheap Trick (UK)
EPC 3826 - Cheap Trick (Australia)

PET34884 - In Color (US, cream plastic)
PET34884 - In Color (US, transparent plastic)
ET 65573 - In Color (US, remaster with extra tracks)
WPET34884 - In Color (Canada) *new*

40-82214 - In Color (UK)
40-82214 - In Color (Holland)

PET35312 - Heaven Tonight (US, cream plastic)
JET35312 - Heaven Tonight (US)
ET65648 - Heaven Tonight (US remaster with extra tracks)
WPET 35312 - Heaven Tonight (Canada)
40-82679 - Heaven Tonight (UK)
40-82679 - Heaven Tonight (Holland) *new*
EPC 3890 - Heaven Tonight (Australia)
n/k - Heaven Tonight (New Zealand)
15749 ? - Heaven Tonight (Brazil)

ET 35795 - At Budokan (US, cream plastic, inlay states FET with slightly different printing of cat # on spine)
FET 35795 - At Budokan (US, cream plastic)
FET 35795 - At Budokan (US, cream plastic, stamped "promo")
FET 35795 - At Budokan (US, Nice Price, clear plastic)
FET 35795 - At Budokan (US, clear plastic)
PET35795 - At Budokan (Canada)
WPET 35795 - At Budokan (Canada)
40-86083 - At Budokan (UK)
EPC 40-32595 - At Budokan (UK)
40-86083 - At Budokan (Holland)
EPC 40-86083 - At Budokan (Yugoslavia, "Suzy" label)
25-6P-2 - At Budokan (Japan)
EPC 3969 - At Budokan (Australia)
4627114 - At Budokan (Australia)
SUL 3040 - At Budokan (Australia, "Summit" label")
EPC 3969 - At Budokan (New Zealand)
CTEPC 86083 - At Budokan (Thailand)

CBC 9006 - At Budokan (Taiwan, "Himalaya" label)
KNJC-1215 - At Budokan (Chile) *new*
none - At Budokan (origin unconfirmed, "Zoom"/"Superseller" label)
IMD-6493 - At Budokan (origin unknown)

PET35773 - Dream Police (US, cream plastic)
FET35773 - Dream Police (US, cream plastic)
FET35773 - Dream Police (Canada)
FET-35773 - Dream Police (Canada, cream plastic)
WFET-35773 - Dream Police (Canada, CrO2 tape, black plastic) *new*

40-83522 - Dream Police (UK, cream plastic with black printing)
40-83522 - Dream Police (UK, cream plastic with blue printing)
40-83522 - Dream Police (Holland)
40 EPC 83522 - Dream Police (Italy)
25-6P-19    - Dream Police (Japan)
EPC 3975 - Dream Police (Australia)
EPC 3975 - Dream Police (New Zealand)
n/k - Dream Police (Thailand)
TC-25-3P-50 - Dream Police (Singapore)
4030 - Dream Police (origin unconfirmed, Taiwan? "747 Rock" label)
KP-1347-E - Dream Police (Philippines)
29223 - Dream Police (Colombia)
US878 - Dream Police (origin unknown)

241017C - At Budokan/Dream Police (Australia, 2 cassette pack, "Two for the price of One")

PET36498 - All Shook Up (US, clear plastic)
FET36498 - All Shook Up (Canada)
40-86124 - All Shook Up (UK)
40-84345 - All Shook Up (Italy)
40-84345 - All Shook Up (Yugoslavia, on Suzy label)
EPC4068 - All Shook Up (Australia)
EPC4068 - All Shook Up (New Zealand)
15909 - All Shook Up (Brazil)
SR1673 - All Shook Up (origin unknown)
S1538A - All Shook Up (origin unconfirmed, Indonesia?)
GSM 1113 - All Shook Up (origin unknown)
CC1496 - All Shook Up (origin unknown)

PET38021 - One on One (US, cream plastic)
FET38021 - One on One (Canada)
40-32654 - One on One (UK)
EPC 4307 - One on One (Australia)
n/k - One on One (Indonesia, titled "Billboard Rock Collection", on "Kings" label)

24307 - One on One (Brazil)
7779 - One on One (origin unconfirmed, Philippines? "747 PopRock" label)
S-2923A - One on One (origin unknown, "Foot Print" label)
SR2511 - One on One (origin unknown)

FET 38794 - Next Position Please (US, cream plastic)
PET 38794 - Next Position Please (US, cream plastic)
40-25490 - Next Position Please (UK)
40-25490 - Next Position Please (Holland)
40-32748 - Next Position Please (Spain)
EPC 4361 - Next Position Please (Australia)

83-1168 - Next Position Please (Saudi Arabia, "Glory"label)
QEL-S-25029 - Next Position Please (Philippines)
US2269 - Next Position Please (n/k)

FET39592 - Standing on the Edge (US, cream plastic)
PET39592 - Standing on the Edge (US, cream plastic)
39592 - Standing on the Edge (US, promo)
FET39592 - Standing on the Edge (Canada)

EPC40-26374 - Standing on the Edge (UK)
982383-4 - Standing on the Edge (Spain) *new*
EPC4476 - Standing on the Edge (Australia)
CBC 8522 - Standing on the Edge (Taiwan, "Himalaya" label)
QEL-S-25103 - Standing on the Edge (Philippines, Epic label)

ET40405 - The Doctor (US, cream plastic)
FET40405 - The Doctor (US, cream plastic)
FET40405 - The Doctor (US, cream plastic, stamped "promo")

40405 - The Doctor (US, promotional cassette, white artwork on black cover)
PET40405 - The Doctor (Canada)
FET40405 - The Doctor (Canada)

40-57087 - The Doctor (UK)
40-57087 - The Doctor (Holland)
28-6P-395 - The Doctor (Japan)

927 - The Doctor (Singapore? titled "Billboard", on "Kings Record Production" label)

OET40922 - Lap of Luxury (US, cream plastic)
OET40922 - Lap of Luxury (US, cream plastic, stamped "promo")
OET40922 - Lap of Luxury (US, clear plastic)

FE40922 - Lap of Luxury (US, "excerpts" preview cassette)
FET40922 - Lap of Luxury (Canada)
4607824 - Lap of Luxury (UK)
9828394 - Lap of Luxury (UK, "Collectors Choice")
4607824 - Lap of Luxury (Spain)
341 - Lap of Luxury (Poland, "B.W." label)
4607824 - Lap of Luxury (Australia)
4607824 - Lap of Luxury (n/k, cover slightly diff to UK or Australia releases)
EN-2467 - Lap of Luxury (Saudi Arabia, "Thomsun Original" label)

E-0070888 - Lap of Luxury (Indonesia)
G-6710 - Lap of Luxury (Indonesia)
OET 40922 - Lap of Luxury (Malaysia)
KJPK 0589 - Lap of Luxury (Korea)
QELHQ-25176 - Lap of Luxury (Phillippines)
CBC 8943 - Lap of Luxury (Taiwan, "Himalaya" label)
1964 - Lap of Luxury (n/k, titled "Billboard")
MSC779 - Lap of Luxury (n/k)
CTEC460782 - Lap of Luxury (Mexico) *new*
32138 - Lap of Luxury (Brazil)
7005-4 - Lap of Luxury (Uruguay)
KNJC-1063 - Lap of Luxury (Chile) *new*
274-274 - Lap of Luxury (Argentina, titled "Lapso De Lujo" and all titles printed in Spanish) *new*

ET46013 - Busted (US, clear plastic)
ET46013 - Busted (US, promo, black plastic)
ET46013 - Busted (Canada)

4668764 - Busted (Europe? preview cassette)
no cat # - Busted (UK, preview cassette)
4668764 - Busted (Spain)
4668764 - Busted (Australia)
CBC 9134 - Busted (Taiwan, "Himalaya" label)
4.12.1080 - Busted (Venezuela, all titles printed in Spanish, titled "Arrestado")
CBT -1083 - Busted (Korea)
E-1160890 - Busted (Indonesia)
88115 - Busted (Brazil)
KNJC-1644 - Busted (Chile, all titles printed in Spanish) *new*
138 - Busted (n/k, Aramis label)

ET48681 - Greatest Hits (US, clear plastic)
WET48681 - Greatest Hits (Canada) *new*
4690864 - Greatest Hits (Europe)
EPC 4690864 - Greatest Hits (Spain)

4690864 - Greatest Hits (Australia)

CBC 30151 - Greatest Hits (Taiwan, "Himalaya" label)
150-023 - Greatest Hits (Argentina, all titles printed in Spanish, titled "Los Grandes Exitos")
MSC1615 - Greatest Hits (n/k)

ET53308 - Budokan II (US, clear plastic)
no cat # - Budokan II (US, promo)
ET53308 - Budokan II (Malaysia)
ET53308 - Budokan II (Thailand)

9454254 - Woke Up With a Monster (US)
9454254 - Woke Up With a Monster (US, Advance Cassette)

no cat # - Woke Up With a Monster (US, "edits" preview cassette)
MG1-356 - Woke Up With a Monster (Poland, "Producent Records" label) *new*
93624542544 - Woke Up With a Monster (Australia)
- Woke Up With a Monster (Taiwan)

093624542544 - Woke Up With a Monster (Malaysia)
9362-45425-4 - Woke Up With a Monster (Korea)

ESK 008110 - Sex.America.Cheap Trick sampler (US promo) *new*

RA002-4 - Cheap Trick 1997 (US)

RA002-2/4 - Cheap Trick 1997 (US Advance tape)
SEJMC 045 - Cheap Trick 1997 (Thailand)

ET65527 - At Budokan, the Complete Concert (US)

- Music for Hangovers (US)
APC JVC 194 - Music For Hangovers (Indonesia)

EK 66015 - Authorized Greatest Hits (US)
ET 66015 - Authorized Greatest Hits (Indonesia)
ET66015 - Authorized Greatest Hits (US cassette with Thailand packaging)

VICP 62179 - Special One (Japan, promo, Victor label)

 S3700165.jpg (39591 bytes)     P1000870.jpg (78146 bytes)       P1000872.jpg (54720 bytes)      P1000869.jpg (56232 bytes)
                                US preview cassette's

PET38541 – Found All The Parts (US)
none - Found All The Parts (Japan, promo)
6510874 – Four Play (Australia)
CCSMC309 – The Collection (UK)
EPC4688534 – The Hits of Cheap Trick (Holland)
BT20632 – Love To Rock (US, CBS Special Products)
BT21631 – Surrender (US, CBS Special Products)
BUT50239 - Surrender (Canada, Sony Music Select)
4713094 - Surrender (Australia, Epic label)
BT32820 – Don’t Be Cruel (US, Sony Music Special Products)
IMG707 – I Want You to Want Me (US, CBS Special Products)
IMG707 – I Want You to Want Me (US, CBS Special Products, Midline Series)
IMG737 – Voices (US)
IMG737 – Voices (US, different barcode)
ROCK13 - Rock Storia E Musica - Cheap Trick (Italy, magazine compilation)
Trickfest 24/8/95 (limited edition (of 125) 2-tape set - autographed by Bun E)

           P1000875.jpg (56153 bytes)             P1000873.jpg (57757 bytes)
US "I Want You to Want Me" CBS tapes / Japanese "At Budokan"

34T07745 - The Flame (US single)
34T07965 - Don't Be Cruel (US single)
34T08097 - Ghost Town (US single)
6530954  - Ghost Town/Don't Be Cruel (Australia single)

34T68563 - All We Need is a Dream (US single, withdrawn)**
34T68563 - Never Had a Lot to Lose (US single)**
34T73580 – Wherever Would I Be (US single
46013 - Wherever Would I Be (US promo, "triple play")
34T73566 - If You Need Me/Big Bang (US single, withdrawn)

34T73444 – Can’t Stop Falling Into Love (US single)
6561484 – Can’t Stop Falling Into Love (
UK single)
918130-4 – You’re All I Wanna Do (US single)
RA5002-4 – Say Goodbye (US single)

** Interesting to note that "All We Need is a Dream/Never Had a Lot To Lose" was released in two different cassette sleeves, one showing "All We Need..." as the lead single, the other showing "Never had a..." as the single (see picture below).

P1000871.jpg (56698 bytes)              P1000874.jpg (48172 bytes)               P1000868.jpg (48366 bytes)
US "All We Need... & Never Had..." single / US "You're All..." single/ Trickfest 1 tapes

792204-4 - Robin Zander (US)
no cat # - Robin Zander (US, promo)
792204-4 - Robin Zander (Thailand?)
6544-92204-4 - Robin Zander (Taiwan) *new*
4-88376 - I've Always Got You/Everlasting Love (US, single)
EC-1038 - Tom Petersson And Another Language
874148-4 - Red Siren - One Good Lover (w/Jon Brant, US)
4BX-44288 - Surrender to Me (Robin/Ann Wilson, US)
4XPRO79490 - Surrender to Me (Robin/Ann Wilson, US advance copy)

no cat # -
Heaven on a Stick (Dallas garage bands covers)

- The Best of Hard Rock (Holland compilation, incl "IWYTWM")
- After The Hurricane - Songs For Montserrat (US, incl "Just Got Back")
- The Corner sampler May 97 (US, incl "Anytime")

Cheap Trick on 8-Track Tape

PEA34400 - Cheap Trick (US)
PEA34884 - In Color (US)
JEA35312 - Heaven Tonight (US)
FEA35795 - At Budokan (US)
FEA35773 - Dream Police (US)
FEA36498 - All Shook Up (US)
FEA38021 - One on One (US)
CTU2009 - The Latest (US)

P1000930.jpg (45189 bytes)

I believe Next Position Please was also released on 8-Track, but I can't confirm this.

Cheap Trick on Mini Disk

VIYP 60001 - Cheap Trick 1997 (Japan)
985838-8 - Sony "Tape is History" 5 track sampler featuring "IWYTWM" (Germany)

The Mini-Disk format was pretty short lived in the mid-late 1990's, so it is believed that very few official releases were made on it.

Video's (VHS)

49049-2 - Every Trick in the Book (UK, CMV Enterprises label)
200732-2 - Every Trick in the Book (UK reissue, Direction label)
? - Every Trick in the Book (US)
SMO-50 - Every Trick in the Book (Korea)

R32373 - Live in Australia (US)
AMV-5 - Live in Australia (Australian)
R3976071 - Music For Hangovers (US)
IXI1186CSUKV  - Silver (UK)
IXI1186CSUKV  - Silver (UK, promo)
? - Silver (US)

Also worth a mention are "Hard'n'Heavy vol 8" (1990) which features a small piece with Rick; "Live?Live.Live!!", a Japanese compilation video featuring 2 Cheap Trick songs ("Baby loves To Rock" and "Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try"), "also the movie "Rock & Rule" which features snippets of three Cheap Trick songs ("I'm the Man", "Ohm Sweet Ohm" and "Born to Raise Hell") as well as part of a Robin/Debbie Harry duet ("Sending Love Through"). In addition, there are a number of movies available on video which feature songs by Cheap Trick, and the soundtracks of most/all these are listed within the Vinyl and CD pages of this section. 


R25658 - Live in Australia DVD (US in digipak type case)
0927494672 - Live in Australia DVD (Australia)
DVD2387 - Live in Australia DVD (Origin n/k, but has different rear artwork)
DAVID0198 - Live in Australia DVD (Australian, remastered in 2005, different artwork to previous releases)
PVBP-955 - Live in Australia DVD (Japan)   
R2976071 - Music for Hangovers DVD (US)
0070044054-2 - Silver (US, 2 DVD set)
ID1265CSDVD - Silver (US, 1 DVD)
Silver (UK, 1 DVD)
Silver (Japan, 1 DVD)
0927434782 - Silver (Australia, pink artwork)

0498367629 - From Tokyo to You DVD (US)
From Tokyo to You (Europe, packaged with "Special One" CD)
From Tokyo to You (US, promo sampler)
0426 - Live (German release, re-packaged "Live in Australia")
RV0310 - Great Wall of Sound (Australian, footage of 1997 Boston show)
ILC3571 - In Concert (Origin n/k, repackaged "Live in Australia with different artwork)
88697381712-S2 - Budokan! (US)
no cat # - Budokan! (US, promo set)
EIBP110-3 - Budokan (Japan)
EIBP110 - Budokan (Japan, single DVD disk, promo)
88697381712 - Budokan (Europe)
IMM940149 - 1978 Tokyo Concert (Holland, unofficial?)
? - Every Trick in the Book (USA)
PPCR 028 - Every Trick in the Book (UK)
MSIDV-19 - Every Trick in the Book (Japan)
804983-700038 - Sgt Pepper Live (US)
161.474 - Greatest Hits Live in Concert (Europe, repacked "Live in Australia")
Star 211-9 - Cheap Trick Live in Down Under (Europe, repacked "Live in Australia")

** There are numerous re-packaged (and re-named) versions of the "Live in Australia" DVD. Interesting to note four different versions of rear artwork for the "Live in Australia" named DVD releases.

S3700107A.jpg (41078 bytes)      S3700110A.jpg (41349 bytes)
Different artwork on "Live in Australia" DVD's


ID7929CB - Every Trick in the Book Laserdisk (US)
ESLU81 - Every Trick in the Book Laserdisk (Japan)

VPLR-70725 - Live in Australia Laserdisk (Japan)
NDS5001 - Chicagofest 1981 Laserdisk (Japan - unofficial?)

P1000952.jpg (65817 bytes)      P1000953.jpg (54310 bytes)

Radio Station Cart Audipak

Don't Be Cruel *new*

T-shirts & Clothing

Now moved to a new page within this "Collectibles" section (March 2014).

Guitar Picks

Robin, Tom and particularly Rick have used many designs of guitar picks through the years, with Rick's particularly being a trademark of the band because of his flicking out so many during shows. I'm not a huge pick collector so no way could I compile a list from the early days, and there are a couple of fan websites specialising in CT guitar picks (see But I've got some pick pictures to share, both here and also on the siteupdates.htm page. Most of those that I've pictured are from the late 90's onwards.
(Update Mar 2014 - added picture of my pick collection display / Updated again Apr 2016 with new display *new*)

P1000946.jpg (62922 bytes)    CHEAPTRICKpicks.jpg (48729 bytes)    RFDpicks.jpg (44460 bytes)   

Bun E Drumsticks/Drumheads

There have been several different drumsticks through Bun's career. Two that I know of are one with "Capella USA" and "Cheap Trick" printed on; and from the mid 90's, make unknown but stating "Bun E. Carlos . Cheap Trick" (the maker is probably obscured by the green tape). In addition, the merchandise stand at Trickfest 3 offered Ltd edition of 25 - packs of BC-used drumsticks and gloves (I remember passing up being able to buy #1/25 as I was running short of money!) As far as drumheads, it has been possible at times to purchase used/signed drumheads via the Fan Club (when offered).

P1000932.jpg (58312 bytes)

Other Stuff!

Gosh, where to start! Well, I'll just list as much as I know about (or own myself) and add extra comments where I can. This stuff isn't in any particular order so you'll just have to plough through I'm afraid! And my apologies if I appear to "cop out" in some sections... but it's impossible to even start trying to list certain types of item!

Posters & handbills - There are many, many posters out there, ranging from record company promo posters to tour posters to specific venue/show posters. I can't even begin to list these as there are so many out there... so I won't even try! Same goes for venue handbills.

Magazines - Over the years Cheap Trick have appeared in so many magazines that I can't even begin to list them all here. But of particular note are Japanese specials from around 78/79 such as "Music Life" & "Go!Go!" which devoted whole issues to the band (e.g Music Life Special Issue - July 1978; Go!Go! Special Issue - July 1979). Another magazine of note is  Rolling Stone # 293 (dated 14 June 79) which pictures Cheap Trick on the cover. Of interest to collectors might be the UK's "Record Collector" magazine, issue #137 (from Jan 1991) which features a 6 page article on Cheap Trick. Other than those, the band have appeared in pretty much every music publication you can name!

P1000941.jpg (71395 bytes)     P1010021.jpg (39441 bytes) (Rolling Stone cover picture - copyright Rolling Stone)

Books - The "Record Collector" mention above leads me nicely onto books. Many music books feature Cheap Trick in a small way, but there are a couple of books to note. First is "Reputation is a Fragile Thing" which was written by Mike Hayes (with Ken Sharp), and Mike also co-wrote the "Record Collector" article with me. "Reputation..." is a well researched history of the band and its members through to 1998, and there have been two editions published. The second book to note is "Guitars of the Stars vol 1" which, with the aid of many wonderful photographs features much of Rick's guitar collection to the late 80's. (Those interested in Rick's guitars may wish to read this review of the "Customised Culture..." exhibit at the Rockford Art Museum in the Spring of 2002 - rockfordmuseum.htm which featured 34 of Rick's custom guitars)

P1000942.jpg (59761 bytes)     P1010007.jpg (66442 bytes)    

Backstage passes
- Many different designs exist from the mid 70's to the present day, both Cheap Trick's passes and those of other bands whom Cheap Trick played or toured with. Again, too many to even try to list!

P1000939.jpg (74338 bytes)

Promo pictures & record company bio's - A promo pack of bio/promo photo exists for pretty much every Cheap Trick album release, as well as Robin's solo album. And linking in with album releases, there has been a lot of record company promo items over the years, far more than I know about. But here's a few that I do know of:- Music for Hangovers promo set (shades, cocktail shaker, etc); "The Flame" plastic lighter from 1988; Karate jacket and belt (Budokan) - white Karate jacket with red Japanese writing; and a "surgeons" type shirt with the CT logo and "Busted" on it. But I'm sure there's far more than this, let me know!

P1000929.jpg (55969 bytes) 

Pins/Badges - There have been many badges over the years, from logo badges (black or white) to promo badges for albums such as 1979's yellow "I thought yellow vinyl was just another Cheap Trick until I discovered The Budokan"; "If you want me to want you, ASK", New Years Eve 1979;  Walmart's badge for the 1997 "Cheap Trick" CD; to 2004's "From Tokyo to You" DVD button pin. There was also a metal Dream Police shield badge from around 1979 which has been recreated in 2003. Trickfest 2 in 1998 saw two silver pins on sale, one for Trickfest and the second was a replica RN guitar pick pin. There have also been several Cheap Trick related pins released by the Hard Rock Cafe chain, these can be seen at hardrock.htm

P1010018.jpg (39086 bytes)    P1010020.jpg (66196 bytes)

- Well, literally there could exist setlists for every Cheap Trick show that's ever taken place! Anyway, setlists (and lyric sheets) are certainly collectible to many fans, and examples can be found at setlists.htm

Sheet Music - A number of albums have had sheet music books released - the ones I know of are "Heaven Tonight" *new*, "At Budokan", "All Shook Up", "One on One" and "Lap of Luxury" though I'm sure there are more. In addition there is a book of "The Best of Cheap Trick" which features 16 songs, a "Greatest Hits" book, a "5 of the Best" book from Australia, and "Band Score" book from Japan. There is also sheet music for a number of songs and again my knowledge is limited. The ones I know of are "She's Tight", Dream Police, "Ain't That a Shame", "Spring Break", "The Flame", "Don't Be Cruel", "Ghost Town", "Can't Stop Falling Into Love" and "Wherever Would I Be".

P1000945.jpg (73883 bytes)       S3700113.jpg (101029 bytes)      
Sheet music and books / "Best of" and "Greatest Hits" music books  Japanese "Live at Budokan" sheet music

Concert Programmes - There are at least 9 Cheap Trick tour programmes, with several more Festival programmes where Cheap Trick were part of the bill. But as far as Cheap Trick specific programmes go, here's what I know of:-
- Concert in Japan (1978) - the cover is of the "Heaven Tonight" album
- Concert in Japan II (1979) - the cover is of the "Dream Police" album and included a flexidisk of the band members greeting the Japanese fans
- World Tour (1979) - the cover is black, with a picture of the band and white 6x logo
- Australia/New Zealand Tour (1979) - black cover with 2x logo and band photo's, all in silver

- World/Japan Tour (1989) - the cover features a large colour picture of the band plus a single logo
- Japan Tour (1990) - the cover features a colour picture of the band on top of multiple logo's
- Japan Tour (1992) - the cover features a large colour picture of the band plus a single logo
- Japan Tour (1994) - the cover is of the "Woke Up With a Monster" album
- Japan Tour (2001) - the cover is of the "Silver" album

- Japan tour (2006) - the cover is of the "Rockford" album
- Budokan 30th Anniversary show (2008)  

P1000940.jpg (72937 bytes)    

- There are various logo stickers through the years. Also, from around 1979 there is a yellow shield sticker proclaiming "These premises are protected by the "Dream Police" Cheap Trick". In 2003-4, stickers have been available of the "Cheap Trick", "In Color", "Heaven Tonight" and "Essential" album covers.

Dream Police standups - from the 1979 release of the "Dream Police" albums, I believe there were two different sizes for record store use. There is a set that stands around 2 feet tall (pictured), and I believe a set that are around half that size. Probably hard to find a set of these in mint condition now.

P1010011.jpg (65510 bytes)

Coffee Mugs - From around 1997 - white logo on black; black logo on white; and multiple black logo's on a large white mug.

S3700129A.jpg (42120 bytes) 

There is also a new, tall white coffee mug with 6x logo in black, first available in Aug 06.

Fan Club Merchandise - From the late 70's/early 80's there has been a lot of merchandise for sale via the official Fan Club. From various merchandise order forms I have, I'll list what you could have bought at certain times of the bands history:-
1980 - All Shook Up t-shirts; 3/4 length baseball jersey; ladies tank tops; white cotton jogging shorts; pewter pin; set of 4 black & white pictures; button; bow tie; key chain; logo patch; logo poster; backpack; puzzle; pen; US tour poster; night light.
1985 - Standing on the Edge t-shirt; (other items as listed in 1980)
1986 - The Doctor t-shirts, Standing on the Edge tour jacket; (other items as listed in 1980)
1991 - Busted t-shirt; Busted tank top; Lap of Luxury t-shirt (album cover art); white logo on black sweatshirt
1996 - Mouse pad; key ring; logo patch; golf shirt; beach towel; various Cheap Trick, Robin Zander, BEC Experience t-shirts & tank tops; Busted poster; BEC Experience poster; Surrender lithograph; 1979 Happy New Year pin; Bun E Carlos card mask (from the All Shook Up tour and also as seen during "Who d'King on the "Silver" DVD!); pick set, RZ and The Doctor album flats; RN t-shirts and skulls sweater
1998/99 - Backpack (black with white embroidered logo); sports bottle; 1994 cap; ANYTIME watch; fridge magnets (black logo on white, and white logo on black); six pack cooler, licence plate frame; used & signed drum head; playing cards (black and white logo); used & signed drumsticks;

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Other miscellaneous Items

- Fan Club Christmas cards (from the mid-90's onwards) **pictures added 09 Jan 2010, updated 29 Dec 2021**




- Belt buckle
- Tea bag (promoting "Live at Budokan"?)

- Cheap Trick ladies panties (featuring 6x logo)
- Watch - from 97/98 there was the checkerboard faced " Anytime" watch; and late 2004 saw two new watches offered for sale via the official website - white logo on black face and black logo on white face. Limited edition. I've also recently (Aug 05) found something from around 1990, though I don't know anything of its history. I'd guess its a promo item, with a red face, skulls replacing the hours from 1-11, and a RN face (like on late 70's guitar picks) at the 12 o'clock position.
- Viewmaster slides (from around 1981) - featuring Pete Comita
- Patches - round logo; round RN; large 1 or 2x logo to sew onto the back of a denim jacket (late 70's)
- Keyrings - various, the latest being for the Budokan 30th Anniversary show in 2008
- Coupon vouchers for Special One (2004) - four different pick shaped coupons, each featuring a different band member
- Water bottle

- Shoulder bag
- All Shook Up backpack

- Small logo backpack 2003
- Ertl model truck (from around 1998) - boxed, red truck with a picture of the band/logo on the side

- Woke Up With a Monster CD "Magic Box" a promo item from Warner Bros
- Fan Club Calendars -  1997 through 2000
- US CD "long boxes" - the long boxes that American CD's used to be packaged in. These exist up to (at least) 1991's "Greatest Hits" release
- Album flats

- Fanzines/newsletters - Various of these exist. From the late 70's there are around 10-12 "Cheap Trick International" official fan club newsletters, and since mid 2003 there have been 2-3 newsletters issued by the official "Trick International" fan service. There are also unofficial newsletters - from the early-mid 90's there are at least 25 issues of an unofficial, fan produced "Cheap Trick Zine" from the USA. There is also an unofficial fan produced newsletter in Japan as well as my own unofficial newsletter here in Europe.
- Promo $100 "bill", rear promoting Lap of Luxury/The Flame and with 6x logo
- Album postcards - exist for at least "Heaven Tonight", "At Budokan" and 1997's "Cheap Trick"
- One page "newspaper" from 1979 headed "Daily Trick Vol 1 no 1" and which proclaims "CHEAP TRICK MANIA!! "Live From Budokan" Explodes Across US!!". I believe this may have been part of the fan club package from 1979
- Busted comic book - a nice promo item from 1990
- Licence plate frame - plastic frame for use in the USA. There have been two variations sold - the first around 1997/98 was white with some checkerboard and CT logo in red; the second was on sale from August 2006, and was black with a large CT logo  and "Rockford" both in white.
- Promo cards advertising "Special One" in 2003
- Large promo cards advertising "Rockford" in 2006, there are 4 different ones, each portraying a cartoon image of a band members face, as depicted on the "Rockford" artwork
- Record store "stand-ups" - advertising an album or single
. I have two from the UK, promoting "The Flame" and "Don't Be Cruel"
- Laminates - as well as official crew laminates, attendees to Trickfest 2, Trickfest 3 and some of the 1998 album shows in the US received laminates for those events.
- necklaces - various, featuring the band logo
- Lanyard with printed logo - around 2001
- Lanyard with plastic pass holder - late 2011

- "Nigel the Singer Hamster" - available in US toystores from around 2002 - sings "IWYTWM"
- Japanese phonecard, advertising the release of the 1997 "Cheap Trick" CD and "Say Goodbye" single
- Hard Rock Casino $5 gambling chip, with graphic from "Rockford" CD. Released in October 2006, reportedly only 3,000 chips exist 
- Silver dog tag (2007). Two designs exist, the first was issued in error to those who pre-ordered and was different to the advertised design. The correct design was later sent out at no cost to those who pre-ordered, and they were allowed to keep the "wrong design" dog tag.
- Cigarette lighters - two promo lighters advertising "The Flame", a Zippo style and a disposable style
- "The Latest" canvas bag (2009)
- Sgt Pepper Live canvas bag
- The High Priest of Rhythmic Noise (RZ comic, 2010)
- 2012 VIP package (Dream Police badge t-shirt, poster, tote bag, 3D laminate)
- 2013-19 VIP packages (usually including t-shirt, poster, collectable laminate)
- 2016 Japan tour "towel"


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Puzzle (minus tin) / UK promo stand-ups / WUWAM "magic box" / US CD "long boxes"

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"Special One" promo cards / Fan produced "Cheap Trick Zine" / Official Fan Club calendars

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Viewmaster slides / Ertl truck / 2004 "Special One" coupons

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Bow tie / belt buckle / Cheap Trick watches / Hard Rock Casino poker chip (photo: Daria Brooks)


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