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(** a work in progress!! ** started 9 Sept 2003; last updated 1 May 2018)

For a number of years Cheap Trick have had a close relationship with the Hard Rock Cafe chain, playing shows and making appearances at a number of restaurants around the world, though mainly in the USA and Japan. Their most recent HR Cafe appearance was playing at the opening party at the new Tokyo Narita Cafe on 18th October 2006 at the end of that Japanese tour (which in itself was part of the Hard Rock Cafe's 35th Anniversary "Ambassadors of Rock" celebrations during 2006. They band have also played at the opening parties of the Hard Rock Cafe's in Detroit on January 8th 2004, and Philadelphia in 1998 (and are due to play at the re-opening of the Chicago HRC on 7th May 2008). They occasionally play at Hard Rock venues, such as at the Seminole HR Hotel/Casino in Hollywood FL in late Dec 2004 and at the Hard Rock Casino at Tampa in June 2005.

In addition, a number of Hard Rock Cafe restaurants display items of Cheap Trick memorabilia, such as signed guitars, album covers and photographs. I thought it might be a nice idea to try to list all the HRC's that display something of the band, but I certainly haven't been to all of the Hard Rock Cafe's (though I'm working on it!) nor have I always taken photo's at the ones I've been to. And of course the HRC chain do rotate where items are displayed, so some of the memorabilia below may now be at an entirely different location!

Anyway, here's the appeal! If you've seen a CT item at a HRC that I've not listed/shown, please let me know (at If you've got a photograph of the item, please send me a copy/file and I'll include the picture here, together with the appropriate credit. Unless otherwise stated, all photos are by me.

Chicago, IL

HRCChicago.jpg (110796 bytes)     HRCChicago2.jpg (36764 bytes)      HRCChicago3.jpg (69320 bytes)      HRCChicago4.jpg (53839 bytes)

Despite originating in Rockford, nearly two hours north west of the Windy City, this is regarded as their "home town". The first shot above, taken in 1998 was of the "stars" at the old entrance to the Cafe, and Cheap Trick's can be seen in the centre front. The second (courtesy of Nance) is of the checkerboard Explorer inside, plus picture and what looks to be a "Lap of Luxury" award. I took the third in Dec 2003, and it's an Explorer guitar signed by Rick and (I think) Robin amongst many others and labelled as "Chicago House Guitar". It can be seen in the merchandise store. The fourth, picture of Rick, is also from the store.



The set of 8 pictures above have kindly been shared by Mike Lebeda, and are older pictures from the HRC in Chicago, mid-late 90's? Interesting to see the guitar that is now in Osaka (see below) was originally displayed in Chicago.



Above are more new pictures that Mike Lebeda has kindly shared, taken soon after the re-opening of the Chicago Cafe in May 2008.  Looks to be an impressive display on a stairwell. On the main wall behind the stairwell is a signed Bun E drumkit, together with a Rick checkerboard Explorer (no idea if its the one that used to be on display upstairs at Chicago). There are also framed pictures of Bun at the/a drumset, and Rick playing what looks to be the displayed guitar. On the lower wall of the stairwell are two further items. To the right of a TV screen looks to be an advertisment for a New Years Eve show the band played in 1997.  And above the TV screen is my old friend, the signed Colorado show handbill which was on display in my local Leeds UK Cafe until that closed in 2007 (see further below).



I visited the HRC Chicago in Sept 2008 and took some more pictures (above) of the new display 


   HRH-Chicago1.jpg (88616 bytes)    HRH_Chicago2.jpg (154606 bytes)    HRH-Chicago3.jpg (61841 bytes)    HRH-Chicago4.jpg (83214 bytes)

There are also some Cheap Trick items on the 8th floor of Chicago's new Hard Rock Hotel (opened early 2004). The first (above) is a large photo on the wall from around 1976; the second shows a display on the other side of that floors elevator lobby - the one remaining Japanese flag guitar from the 1980 tour of Japan - apparently Rick had a number made and threw one into the crowd at each show. However, the last show was interrupted by a typhoon and so this guitar survived.  Thanks to Ron Faiola for sharing the first two pictures and info. I took the third and fourth shots in Nov 04, giving another picture of the suit and a shot of the plaque on the wall which explains all!


Thanks to Lisa J for letting me know that in the summer of 2007, she came across meeting rooms on the 4th floor of the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, and found one to be named "The Hamer Room". Others are apparently named after other well known guitar brands. The display in this room includes a Hamer Standard Custom that is the "identical twin" of Rick's one-of-a-kind checkerboard version... well, that's what the plaque says! 

Minneapolis MN

HRCMinneapolis.jpg (12374 bytes)     HRC_Minn1.jpg (25028 bytes)      HRC_Minn2.jpg (23831 bytes)
A cool guitar of Rick's in the colours of the German flag. Thanks to Nance for the first picture, and I took the following two in late April 2006.


Cleveland, OH

Thanks again to Mike Lebeda for sharing this picture of an "In Color" award disk. I can't confirm if it is still there though.

Houston, TX

Thanks again to Mike Lebeda for sharing this picture of an "Dream Police" award disk. I can't confirm if it is still there though.

New York

HRCNewYork.jpg (37408 bytes)  HRC_NY 002A.jpg (44211 bytes) HRC_NY 004A.jpg (35093 bytes)    Thanks to Maria M in New York for sharing the first picture (from Oct 2005), and to my work colleague Lorina G in Leeds for the second and third shots (taken in May 2006) from the HRC in the Big Apple, which relocated to Times Square in Sept 2005. This is the drumhead from Bun E's kit that he used at the Silver anniversary concert in Rockford in August 1999, and autographed by the man himself.



Many thanks to English fan Ian, who spotted these two guitars on a visit in July 2008. The first is Ricks saxophone-design guitar, the second is a band signed HRC "Ambassadors of Rock" guitar. These both link to the bands visit to Japan in October 2006. The sax-guitar was one of several items that the band donated to the HRC chain at a ceremony at the main Tokyo Cafe (see my review { Japan_06 } for more details). In addition, the bands visit to Japan in 2006 was part of that summers HRC "Ambassadors of Rock" series, so I'm sure they'll have signed that guitar in Japan during their short tour.  The sax-guitar is also featured on the HRC's new Memorabilia pages -    

San Diego, CA

Sept 1998    HRSanDiego.jpg (86534 bytes)              Oct 2003   HRCSanDiego2.jpg (78908 bytes)

The first is a blurry shot (sorry) I took in 1998 of a Budokan album award to Tom and signed by the band. The second photo, that I took in Oct 2003 shows the same award, and also an acoustic bass guitar above but contrary to some opinions I didn't think the bass was Tom's but belonged to whoever's CD was above it. But it was high on a pillar so it's "hard to tell" (sorry for the pun!)

Newport Beach, CA

HRCNewportBeach1.jpg (78893 bytes)  HRCNewportBeach2.jpg (100969 bytes)  Taken in October 2002, these two shots are thankfully clear, and show a signed guitar, photographs and Dream Police album sleeves.

HRCNewportBeach3.jpg (68987 bytes)   HRCNewportBeach4.jpg (63521 bytes)   HRCNewportBeach5.jpg (62495 bytes)   HRCNewportBeach6.jpg (42033 bytes)

A few more shots, taken in July 2004 including a closeup of the signed Rick- Hamer advertisment, plus a picture from around the mid 90's of Rick and Robin which is high above the pillar and which I hadn't noticed last time I was here.

One more shot, kindly shared by Mike Lebeda. I believe this from the mid-late 90's, as the "All Shook Up" award wasn't at the Cafe from 2002. This Cafe has since closed.

Los Angeles

HRCLosAngeles1.jpg (49414 bytes)   HRCLosAngeles2.jpg (51260 bytes)    I visited here in July 2004 and found a couple of items. The first is a signed "Don't Be Cruel" sleeve high above the gift shop. The second item is weird - a twin necked  Mosrite guitar, which is unsigned, but right below it is the plaque reading "Cheap Trick". An old item from Rick's collection?  Anyway, another Cafe that has now closed.

Las Vegas, NV

HRCLasVegas.jpg (68634 bytes)    HRCLasVegas2.jpg (118233 bytes)    Taken in 2001, the first shot (photo credit - P Golding) is of a guitar signed by Rick, and on display in the small shop/pharmacy at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. I thought there was also another guitar hanging in the nearby corridor but I can't find a photo of it in my photo collection... D'OH! And I'm told that the CT guitar(s) were not on display around Labor Day 2003 as the Hotel was rearranging or revamping its displays. The second picture is from the nearby Hard Rock Cafe, and was taken in Dec 2003. Between the eating floor and the merchandise area are several large photo's of musicians, and one shot is of a bearded Rick playing the checkerboard 5 neck. A nice but dark picture.

Aha, found all the parts, perhaps! Another picture from Mike Lebeda that he's shared in March 2008. This is an older picture from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, I'm guessing from late 90's? Anyway, I believe this is the other "missing" guitar that I recalled from a few years back. Thanks Mike!

Update late July/early Aug 2014 - This picture was taken at the Hard Rock Hotel by Swedish friend Lars Nilsson, so the display is still as it was some years ago. (Thanks Lars!)

Orlando, FL

HRHOrlando1.jpg (27058 bytes)   HRHOrlando2.jpg (20953 bytes)   HRHOrlando3.jpg (25669 bytes)   HRHOrlando4.jpg (40544 bytes)   HRHOrlando5.jpg (37971 bytes)

I don't have a photo, but I understand there's a picture of Robin in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando. But thanks to Sayuri for the shots above, from (I believe) "The Kitchen" at that Hard Rock Hotel, of clothing worn by Robin and Rick when appearing as celebrity chef's there, also a couple of framed photo's on display.

HRCOrlando1.jpg (73329 bytes)   HRCOrlando2.jpg (74894 bytes)   HRCOrlando3.jpg (42809 bytes)   HRCOrlando4.jpg (70195 bytes)   HRCOrlando5.jpg (65814 bytes)

But, the nearby Cafe (at Universal Citywalk) seems to be a treasure trove of CT items - signed "In Color" LP, "Busted" poster, guitar, show handbill and signed "Sex.America.Cheap Trick" box set. Thanks to Adam B for these pictures.

HRVOrlando.jpg (86382 bytes)

There's also a large picture of Rick in the Hard Rock Vault in Orlando, high above the main display area. This looks to be the same picture as in the HRCafe in Las Vegas (see above), except it's in colour rather than in black and white (hmmm... sounds like an album title!)

Hollywood (Florida)

HRH_HollywoodFL.jpg (101480 bytes)  A visit to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe in late Dec 2004 (to see Cheap Trick play there) yielded a real goldmine of CT stuff! In a corridor near the merchandise shop of the Hard Rock Hotel there is a great picture of Robin and Rick from around the the mid-late 90's.

HRC_HollywoodFL1.jpg (73408 bytes)      HRC_HollywoodFL2.jpg (79608 bytes)    HRC_HollywoodFL7.jpg (59429 bytes)

The motherlode of Cheap Trick items can be found on the left hand wall just inside the entrance to the Hard Rock Cafe (which is within the giant Hotel/casino).  First of all there is one of Rick's skeleton sweaters, a picture of him performing in it in San Juan in 1994 and an explanatory plaque.   

HRC_HollywoodFL3.jpg (60459 bytes)     HRC_HollywoodFL4.jpg (51866 bytes)     HRC_HollywoodFL5.jpg (49607 bytes)    HRC_HollywoodFL6.jpg (53713 bytes)

Then there is a gold "Dream Police" disk from New Zealand. High above Rick's skeleton sweater (hence the poor picture) is a "Doctor" poster signed by Rick. There is also a drumhead signed by Bun, and a yellow Yamaha bass guitar signed  by Tom. Definitely an impressive Cheap Trick wall!

Tampa, FL

    Thanks to Maria Manganas for sharing these pictures, taken in Oct 2010 at the Hard Rock Casino at Tampa. Quite a big item to hang on the wall, possibly the case for Rick's original 5 neck guitar?

Myrtle Beach, SC

HRCMyrtleBeach.jpg (90864 bytes)  An unusual and impressive pyramid shaped Cafe, downstairs (near the restrooms) can be found a glass case containing various small promotional items from various bands, including a Cheap Trick bow tie.


HRC_Philly_award.jpg (19598 bytes)    HRC_Philly_guitar1.jpg (23104 bytes)     HRC_Philly_guitar2.jpg (23210 bytes)

I visited here during a 7 hour layover at Philly in July 2005. Upon walking in the main entrance, pretty much the first thing you see is a pillar by the bar area, upon which are two Cheap trick items! First was a platinum award to Epic Records for "At Budokan". Above that is a Gibson bass signed by the whole band. It looks like Robin has added "Philly opening, Jan 16 '98". 

Louisville, KY

HRCLouisville.jpg (101537 bytes)  I took this shot during a non-CT visit to Louisville in Oct 2005, and this signed guitar can be found high on the wall in the gift shop area. Oh, and spot the Rick pick on it too (it was already there before I spotted the guitar!)

San Francisco

Thanks to Bart77 for letting me know that in the original HRC in San Francisco, there was a plaque in the gift shop honouring CT for playing at that Cafe on New Years Eve around 95 or 96. The Cafe has moved to Fishermans Wharf since then, and the plaque obviously didn't move with it. Does anyone have a photo of it?  Nothing CT-related to be found in the Cafe at Dec 2004.


Cheap Trick played at the Opening Party of this Cafe in Jan 2004, and thanks to Bbmaley from the Message Boards for reporting that the Cafe includes one of Rick's checkerboard guitar straps, Rick's Dream Police shirt (with a quote below saying "Maybe someday they'll wash it") and a framed promo picture from the "Busted" album. Any pictures of these would be welcome! 

Foxwoods, CT

Thanks to "Jonny Con Carne" from the Message Boards who says that this Cafe has some of Bun E's drums and one of Rick's guitars. Can anyone confirm and supply pictures?

  The band played at Foxwoods in Nov 2013, and thanks to Maria Manganas for sharing this picture of both a complete Bun E drumkit plus a checkerboard guitar that looks very similar to Ricks "pick design" Explorer from the early-mid 2000's, though the checkerboard pattern on this one is much smaller.

Toronto, Canada

HRCToronto.jpg (134635 bytes)  This shot is from 1995 and from one of the Hard Rock Cafe's in Toronto, most probably the one downtown. I don't know if the guitar is still there though. Thanks to Justin Clarke for sharing this shot. << update - June 2005 - no, this guitar is no longer there, and there are no CT items in the downtown Cafe >>


Three more pictures from Mike Lebeda, from June 2002. The first looks to be a "Lap of Luxury" award.

Toronto Skydome/Rogers Centre, Canada

HRC_Skydome_drum1.jpg (33506 bytes)    HRC_Skydome_drum2.jpg (19202 bytes)    HRC_Skydome_picture.jpg (21369 bytes)    This is a cool Cafe that I visited in June 2005, with window tables overlooking the baseball field within the Skydome (or Rogers Centre as it's now called). Anyway, two Cheap Trick items, both within the entrance walkway. There is a drumhead signed by the band and dedicated "To Jon". Secondly there is a "Standing on the Edge" signed promo picture from 1985 which includes Jon Brant.


Thanks again to Mike Lebeda for sharing these two pictures (taken in 2002), which may be a little clearer than mine.  

Niagara Falls, Canada

HRC_Niagara_guitar.jpg (15690 bytes)    HRC_Niagara_award.jpg (20916 bytes)    HRC_Niagara_pick.jpg (18707 bytes)    HRC_Niagara_star.JPG (79245 bytes)   

A group of fans ate here after the first Niagara Falls show in June 2005! It takes a bit of searching, but you can find FOUR Cheap Trick items in/around the Canadian HRC. Within the Cafe, there is a green Hamer guitar (plus pick), a "Lap of Luxury" platinum award, and one of Ricks old (late 70's) picks within a display of "101 picks of the Stars". Outside, you can find a CT star on the sidewalk, but it is probably 50 yards along the street from the entrance to the Cafe. It's actually difficult to photograph and my shots were all lousy, but thanks to Zandergal for letting me use her picture! Oh, and there was no CT stuff in the HRC on the American side in June 2005.

Thanks again to Mike Lebeda, for sharing a clearer picture of the star out in the street (his is the final picture on the right)

Ottawa Canada

HRC_Ottawa.jpg (145096 bytes)   A guitar signed by Rick which can be found above the merchandise counter. I took this shot in April 2004, and gave them a Rick pick to place between the strings (which you can see in the photo)... I wonder if it's still there?

Montreal, Canada

HRC_Montreal1.jpg (66608 bytes)     HRC_Montreal2.jpg (64233 bytes)   A real find on my visit in April 2004, two signed guitars. The first, signed by all four band members in 1989 can be found in the merchandise store. The second is inside above the entrance (difficult to get a good picture), and is signed by Rick "To HRC New York 11-19-96".

Nassau, Bahamas

HRCNassau.jpg (169590 bytes)  Many thanks to English fan Peter Everett for sharing this picture that he took in Nassau in May 2004. A guitar signed by all four band members, plus a nice photo of Robin from around 1979 by the look of it (and signed in the bottom corner).

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

There are reportedly some CT items on display, but I have no further details. Can anyone confirm and/or provide pictures? 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  I visited here in August 2010 on a non-CT trip (though I did meet up with a CT fan in nearby Montevideo, Uruguay!), and was pleased to find a picture of Rick (from around 85/86) on display at the bottom of the staircase.

Cartagena, Colombia

Many thanks to Peter Everett again, this time for finding this guitar in Colombia in April 2018. As the sign says, "Rick Nielsen used this wood Hamer guitar during many stage performances".

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  Many thanks to Julie Handley Lord for these pictures of a Fender Telecaster that was used and signed by Robin. Julie took these shots in January 2012, so this guitar came to the Cafe in the 8-9 years since I last visited in 2003!

Copenhagen, Denmark

HRCCopenhagen.jpg (103979 bytes)  An interesting surprise on my visit in chilly March, 2003! An unsigned guitar (the plaque misspells "Rick NELSON") and promo photo.

Stockholm, Sweden

Good friend, Rick in Sweden tells me that until earlier in the summer of 2003, the HRC in Stockholm had a blue guitar signed by Rick as well as a platinum "At Budokan" award. But they've moved things around and these items are no longer to be seen.

Gothenburg, Sweden

More good Swedish friends (Lars and Rosie) have informed me that the new HRC in Gothenburg (opened in late 2004) has several Cheap Trick items on display! I don't yet have details, but will add more (and pictures) when I get them. I wonder if some of the items have come from the HRC in Stockholm (see above)?


An update from April 2008! Thanks to Lars and Rosie for providing these pictures after visiting this Cafe earlier this month. Looks to be a nice little CT/Rick section! Interestingly, the Rick message "When FM party..." was at the Chicago HRC a few years back. Just noticed that as I am loading Lars' and Mike Labeda's pictures at the same time! 

Leeds, England

HardRockLeeds1A.jpg (76653 bytes)    Cheap Trick signed this small handbill/poster at the Royal Albert Hall in London in March 2003, but after I gave it to my local, newly opened HRC in Leeds just a few days after, they let it gather dust for 6 months before finally putting it up on display in Oct 2003. Although its hard to tell from the picture, the poster is signed by all the band members, and Rick dedicated it to "HRC Leeds", and spot the Rick pick too! I've been to every HRC in the United Kingdom and I think this is the only CT item at a British Cafe. (Note: This Cafe closed in the summer of 2007, but this item appeared in the Chicago HRC in 2008)

Manchester, England

  Many thanks to 12-string bassist Ian Edmundson for spotting this in the summer of 2009! He saw this display high on the wall in the Manchester HRC, which includes (in the centre) a 12 string acoustic guitar owned by Tom. Nice that CT are still represented here in the UK.

Cardiff, Wales


Thanks to Welsh Trickster, Amy Prosser, for providing these pictures of a drumstick display at the Cardiff HRC in July 2008. The display includes one from Bun E Carlos (with green tape), well spotted! 

Lisbon, Portugal

    Thanks to the Highlander, Elliot Grieve, for the first picture from the HRC in Lisbon taken in Sept/Oct 2010. A Rick guitar plus "At Budokan" LP cover. The display is high up on a poorly lit wall, so it was hard to get a decent shot. However, its nice to know CT are represented. (Update: I visited in June 2011 when Cheap Trick played at the Coliseu Lisboa just around the corner, so my picture is the second one above. However, as Elliot found, its hard to get a good, clear picture)

Budapest, Hungary

Nese Eddleman reports there are CT items on display at this Cafe. Picture(s) and details to follow soon! *new*

Moscow, Russia

The new (as at Oct 2008) HRC Memorabilia website says that this Cafe displays a signed 8 string Rickenbacker 4001 bass of Tom's.  Go this link to view this guitar -  


Universal Citywalk, Osaka, Japan

HRCOsakaUniversal2.jpg (49666 bytes)  I found this picture on the Web. I've been to the other HRC in Osaka but not this one, so I missed seeing this nice, signed guitar. I've borrowed this photo from the HRC Japan website, and copyright is 100% theirs. Above the guitar can be seen an award disk, and thanks to Japanese fan Rieko for informing me that this is a "Heaven Tonight" gold disk that had been awarded to Tom.

Tokyo, Japan

nippon03_6.jpg (72282 bytes)  Cheap Trick played a brief acoustic show at the Roppongi, Tokyo HRC in August 2003. Afterwards they received an award commemorating the 25th anniversary of the "Live at Budokan" shows/album, which they in turn gave to the Hard Rock Cafe, Tokyo. So by now it should be on display. Here's a shot I took of the award during the presentation.

NFL-guitar.jpg (57413 bytes) In addition, Rick played a Hamer guitar with a custom Japanese flag design at the bands 4 shows in Japan in August 2003, and then (I understand) presented that guitar to the HRC Japan chain. So that will probably be on display late in 2003 at a HRC restaurant somewhere in Japan. The picture is borrowed from the website (and thus they own the picture copyright) and shows another of the same design guitar (4 were created in total) which was played at the Tokyo NFL half-time show in August 2003, then signed by Cheap Trick and some of the NFL players, and later auctioned.


A Tokyo update from April 2008, from my visit there for the "Budokan 30th Anniversary" show. Two CT items can now be seen at the Tokyo HRC. In the main Cafe by the cash register at the entrance, you can see a picture of the band from their press conference at the Cafe in 2006. You have to go to the nearby HRC store and look high up behind the cash register to see the Japan flag guitar that I referred to above. This is signed only by Rick.

Another Tokyo update, from August 2014. This signed Hamer guitar was spotted by my friend Junko Kambara (thanks Junko!)

Still no CT items at the Tokyo Ueno-Eki HRC at April 2008.

Nagoya, Japan

HRC_Nagoya.jpg (75472 bytes) Spotted in the stairwell on 15 October 2006 a couple of hours after Cheap Trick's show nearby. A picture of the inner sleeve of the 1982 LP "One on One" with individual band member pictures and signed by all.

Tokyo-Narita, Japan

HRC_Narita1.jpg (44577 bytes)       HRC_Narita2.jpg (42048 bytes)       HRC_Narita3.jpg (60830 bytes)

HRC_Narita4.jpg (34527 bytes)       HRC_Narita5.jpg (55569 bytes)       HRC_Narita6.jpg (60624 bytes)

The newest Hard Rock Cafe in Japan, opened in late Sept 2006, and Cheap Trick played a short acoustic set at the opening party on 18 Oct 2006. I found several nice items on display:- on a pillar by the bar is a signed "Dream Police" platinum award. Over on the left wall in the restaurant are a San Francisco - Filmore 1998 (Budokan show) poster signed by Tom. There is also a nice 77/78 picture of Rick, and a checkerboard Gibson guitar. The sign states that this was painted and signed by Rick as part of the 1st annual "Rock the Cure" celebrity guitar auction at the Los Angeles HRC.

Seoul, South Korea



I visited here in April 2008, unfortunately a week before the remodelled Cafe re-opened. However, because of travelling for Cheap Trick's Australian tour in Nov 2008, I got to revisit Seoul and this time the very smart and spacious basement Cafe was open. And in one corner, there's quite a find of CT items. There's an unsigned "One on One" LP cover, an unsigned "Busted" era poster, a nice early 90's era picture of Rick and Robin, a signed "Don't Be Cruel" 7" sleeve, and a Les Paul guitar signed by Rick, though the signature is very, very faint. 

Beijing, China


I visited here in March 2011, and was very pleased to see this full drumset of Bun E's prominently displayed. Each drumhead is signed, though its hard to see the bottom one due to a light right below it. As the accompanying plaque says, this set was used on the road and in the studio, and can be seen in the "Cold Turkey" video. *new addition*


Thanks to English fan Ian Edmundson for sharing this picture of a Rick-signed guitar that his wife took at the Fiji HRC in October 2010.


The new (as at Oct 2008) HRC Memorabilia website says that this Cafe displays a painted upright bass that Tom used in the "Woke Up With a Monster" video. Go to this link to view the bass -   

Shanghai and Taipai

Thanks to a couple of Cheap Trick fans who post on the official message boards at for the following information. "BadAssDrummer" says that there were/are some Bun E Carlos items at the HRC Shanghai Centre, China, whilst "Geemo" notes that the HRC at Taipai had a CT signed Fender Strat a few years ago. 

HRC's where I couldn't find any CT items!

Of course the HRC organisation move display items around from time to time, so things can change! But these are Cafe's that I've visited (and spent too much money on t-shirts etc in!) to but found no Cheap Trick items on display at the time of visiting -

Japan:- Osaka (2003), Tokyo Roppongi (2003, 2006), Tokyo Ueno-Eki (2003, 2006), Yokohama (1999)
Asia:- Hong Kong (2006, 2007), Hong Kong - the Peak retail store (2006, 2007), Seoul - retail store (2008), Seoul - Cafe (2008)
Europe:- Amsterdam (2003), Birmingham (2003), Cardiff (2004), Edinburgh (2004), London (2003, 2009), Manchester (2003), Nottingham (2003), Bristol Bar (2005), Paris (2006), Dublin (2007)
North America:- Atlanta (2004), Austin (2003), Boston (2006), Dallas (2010), Denver (2005), Ft Lauderdale (2004), Gatlinburg (2005), Hollywood CA (2003, 2007), Houston (2003), Indianapolis (2003), La Jolla (2003), Lake Tahoe (2005), Maui (2009), Memphis (2005), Miami (2004), Nashville (2005), Niagara Falls NY (2005), Phoenix (2006), Sacramento (2004), San Antonio (2003), San Francisco (2004), St Louis (2004), Tijuana (1998), Washington DC (2010)
Central/South America:- Mexico City (2010)

Thanks to "2TimesLucky" from the Message Boards for checking in the Maui Cafe in Oct 2005, but sadly found no CT items there at that time. I checked in there in late 2009, and it was the same situation.


HRCTokyoPin.jpg (160785 bytes)  The HRC at Roppongi Tokyo sold a very cool, limited edition charity HRC/Cheap Trick/NFL pin on August 1st 2003 to coincide with the "NFL Tokyo" game the next day (at which Cheap Trick played the half time show).

  Here is another pin from Roppongi Tokyo, depicting the guitar that Rick donated to them in 2003. *new*

HRCGuangzhouPin.jpg (145566 bytes) A nice, checkerboard 5-neck guitar pin from the now closed HRC at Guangzhou, China, to celebrate it's 5th Anniversary. Styled upon Rick's current 5-neck.

 Another checkerboard 5-neck guitar pin, this time released in 2007 to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the HRC at Uyeno-Eki in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to Junko for this!

HRCChicagoPin.jpg (112631 bytes) A checkerboard Explorer pin from the HRC in Chicago, part of a series of pins depicting guitars on display at each HRC.

More checkerboard, this time from the Boston cafe, dated 2007 on the pin. *new*

Portrait of a checkerboard guitar, from the Niagara Falls NY cafe. *new*

Another checkerboard guitar from the Niagara Falls NY Cafe, though oddly it is a different guitar to that featured in the portrait pin above. *new*

HRCMinneapolisPin.jpg (81172 bytes) A guitar pin in the colours of the German flag, from Minneapolis. Part of the same series as the Chicago pin above and based upon the Minneapolis guitar pictured near the top of this page. Thanks to Lori in Minnesota for answering my plea for a photo of this pin!

HRCBuenosAiresPin.jpg (69721 bytes)  Two pins from the Buenos Aires HRC in Argentina, based upon Rick's checkerboard Hamer Explorer. One features cream/black check, the other white/black, and I guess these pins date from the 80's or early-mid 90's. This picture is from the "The Official HRC Pin Collectors Guide - 1st Edition" book and copyright belongs to the HRC organisation.

HRCMexicoPin.jpg (69072 bytes)    HRCAcapulcoPins.jpg (68580 bytes)   Three pins from Hard Rock Cafe's in Mexico, and again these pictures are taken from "The Official HRC Pin Collectors Guide - 1st Edition" book and are HRC copyright. The pin from Mexico City is listed as "Black and Yellow checkered Telecaster (Rick Nielsen)". The two pins from Acapulco are described as...
"11. Black & Yellow Cheap Trick Hamer.
12 - The light brown Gibson acoustic guitar was designed after the guitar used by Rick Nielsen of the group Cheap Trick" (cross reference to the "Guitars of the Stars" book page 120 where Rick has a similar but RIGHT HANDED version - 1961 Gibson J200)

HRCOsakaPin.JPG (102147 bytes) There's a checkerboard guitar pin released by the Cafe in Osaka. Japan during 2006, though I don't know if there is any CT link. Thanks to Japanese fan Kazuyuki Yokoyama for the picture.

A photo from April 2014 of my collection of all 15 pins together *new*


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