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(started 29 Sept 2008, this front page last updated 21 Auguest 2019)

Welcome to a new part of my website (as at 29 September 2008. I'm picking up a project that many of us back on the old Alt.Music.Cheap Trick newsgroup started back around 1999 or 2000, namely that of trying to create as complete a list as possible of Cheap Trick's live career. With the band having played approaching/more than 6,000 gigs (I guess!), its going to be near impossible to get this 100% complete! But there seems to be some interest in this, so I'll revive it. The old list wasn't updated after mid-2001, so there's some catching up to do.

I must acknowledge and thank the people who were originally responsible for putting this together up to 2001.  Christin took on responsibility for hosting the AMCT FAQ (which included the Gigography), so she was the one who started this and updated the information.  However, many others (including myself) contributed to the original lists, and THANKS to all of them. And THANKS also to all of those people (too many to name) who have contacted me/posted additional information onto Message Boards, since I launched this section at the end of Sept 2008. The gaps are gradually being filled in! Many thanks to Rob Roubrick and Bert Gangl, who each, in late 2009, provided me with a lot of new information. Rob provided copies of a lot of helpful CT itinerary cards for 76/78 so that filled up a lot of those years, whilst Bert has provided a lot of information for shows from 70's through the 90's. Many thanks also to Dan who (between 2008 and 2020) has provided a huge amount of information across the bands whole live career and continues to keep digging! Most recently at Nov 2013, DOMO ARIGATO to Yoriko Watanabe from the Cheap Trick Japan Fan Club for providing/confirming dates from several CT tours in Japan from 78-88. Many thanks, in Aug 2019, to Jonathan Wuepper for a lot of newspaper adverts covering early dates from 73-75.

The information going back from 2010 to around 1997 (and the "internet age") is extremely good, but it is the older information that is more difficult to hunt down.  The further back you go, the harder it is, consequently the information I have for shows during 74-75 is very patchy at best. Information for the 80's is pretty patchy too, and the 90's improve towards the latter part of the decade.

If you can provide information about any shows not listed (or any corrections), please let me know at . But please, to be useful I really need an exact date, as well as the town/city and state.  The actual venue or event name would be good too if possible, but is not essential. And when you write, please give the date in the format e.g 8 July 1986. That way I won't get confused between the American and European numerical date formats e.g 7/8/86 (US) and 8/7/86 (European).

This is primarily a list of Cheap Trick's tour dates, plus events where the band performed e.g radio studios etc. However, there are a few other live appearances listed too.

One thing I realised as I was typing up dates from 2001 and adding a ton of info from 78-2001 to fill in gaps, was how many shows this band has played! Yes, we all know the old chestnut that they've played 5,000 or 6,000 shows or whatever, but it's not until you actually look at (or type up!) the dates listed that you realise how hard Cheap Trick work and how much travelling they've done in the past 35 years. And what you'll see on the following pages isn't anywhere near complete, its probably no more than 50% of all the shows the band have ever played! Amazing!


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