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Newsletter Issue #14 - March 1999

Welcome to the fourteenth "unofficial" Cheap Trick newsletter.

Current live dates are as follows: 13 Mar 99 - Chandler AZ; 14 - Las Vegas NV; 9 Apr - Miami; 10 - Orlando; 8 May - Memphis; 4 July - Chicago; 25-27 Aug - Merrilville IN; 28 - Rockford IL.
As always, all dates are subject to confirmation and change. If you are on the internet, the Cheap Trick home page contains the latest information (see below) .

Trickfest 3 has been confirmed as being 25-27 Aug 1999. It will again be held in Merrilville, Indiana, with the follow-on show being the 25th Anniversary Show at Rockford's "On the Waterfront" Festival on 28 Aug. Trick International have just confirmed booking details, though a firm itinery etc is to follow. The event IS open to non-CT members, and I enclose booking details for those of you who may be considering going. Details can also be found online at

The band looked fit and refreshed at the recent Austin and Galveston shows that I went to. { A.M.CT review -
texasng.htm}.   During an interview with an Austin newspaper, Rick is quoted as saying of the album shows "We've had people from Germany, Sweden and Japan," said guitarist Rick Nielsen, the band's creative mastermind, of a tour that has extended from New York and Boston to Los Angeles and Seattle, with London on the horizon. "I think in New York, the place held about 1200, and about 800 of the people came to all three nights ". If I get to hear of firm plans for any shows in Europe, I'll let you know.

Music for Hangovers was initially released in Japan on the JVC label on 3 March 1999. There is no US or European release date as yet, so you'll need to find a Japanese importer in a magazine such as Record Collector to order it from. Prices range from UKú16-25, plus postage. Track listing is: Oh Claire, Surrender, Hot Love, I Can't Take It, I Want You to Want Me, Taxman (Mr Thief), Mandocello (with Billy Corgan), Oh Caroline, How Are You, If You Want My Love (with D'Arcy), Dream Police, So Good to See You, Ballad of TV Violence, Gonna Raise Hell. All track were recorded at The Metro, Chicago in late April/early May 1998. At the Texas shows, Rick mentioned that MFH "will be released in the next month or two on CD, DVD and video", though I'm not aware as yet of Japanese release on DVD or video format.

On Nov 23, Rick and Tom were filmed in Chicago giving testimonials to the lasting influence and importance of Detroit's dangerous MC5, for inclusion in a new movie "MC5 - A True Testimonial".

In late Jan, Bun took part in a drum clinic in Los Angeles. On 23 Feb, Rick visited Indiana University to talk to classes studying the history of Rock Music in the 60's, 70's and 80's, and gave some insight into his musical influences, experiences and opinions. And Congratulations to Tom, who married girlfriend Alison Thomas in New York on Jan 23rd.

The March issue of Record Collector contains a great interview by Ken Sharp with producer Jack Douglas discussing John Lennon's "Double Fantasy" sessions. It includes some interesting discussion about Cheap Tricks involvement. Worth buying. Additionally, the issue contains an entry card for the Record Collector "Collectors Poll". If you collect all things Cheap Trick, why not vote ?

The tribute album reported over a year ago and featuring artists such as Everclear and Joey Ramone (originally titled "Cheap Shots") is rumoured for release on April 20 in the USA under the title "Trick Bag - a tribute to Cheap Trick".

The official fan service, Trick International is at 1957 - 86th Street, Suite 149, Brooklyn, NY 11214 USA. Write to this address for membership details. Additionally TI can be contacted via e-mail at Merchandise is available from Trickstuff, but please note that the address changed from 1 Jan 1999. Orders and enquiries should now be sent to Trickstuff, PO Box 1911, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA. The official Cheap Trick home page on the Internet can be found at . The "news" page includes some links, for example to an interesting Musician Online interview with Bun E Carlos and Peter Frampton, discussing live albums. Bun E's jukebox has now been activated, and it includes 12 live tracks from his archives, including live versions of "Who d'King", "House is Rockin" and "Highway to Hell". The Message Boards are now up and running too, where you can post your views and opinions on a range of Trick topics.  Interesting reading.

I hope you've found this issue informative. I'd be grateful you could send a sae (or more) or IRC for the next issue. Please note my new address. If you (or any other Trick fans you know) would prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail in future, please write to or e-mail me.

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