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Newsletter Issue #16 - July 1999

Welcome to the sixteenth "unofficial" Cheap Trick newsletter. This includes a review of the California shows in June {Newsletter Review - california.htm}.

Current live dates are as follows: 18 July - Columbus OH; 23 - Clarkston MI; 24 - Plainwell MI; 21 Aug - Louisville KY; 25-27 - Merrilville IN (TrickFest 3); 28 - Rockford IL.; 1 Sept - Uncasville CT; 4 - Puerto Rico; 11 - Hampton Bay VA; 11 Oct - Yokohama, Japan; 12 - Osaka; 13 - Tokyo; 15 - Tokyo; 31 Dec - Disney MGM, Orlando FL.

As always, all dates are subject to confirmation and change. If you are on the internet, the Cheap Trick home page contains the latest confirmed information (see below).

Interesting to see some overseas dates added, though there is no indication of a return to Europe. When they last visited Japan in Dec 96, they then travelled on to Australia, but no news on whether this will be repeated in Oct.

Following online release on 20 April, Music for Hangovers was released into record stores in the US on 15 June. The American version can be found on import in some larger record stores here in Britain for around 18-20. As yet, I have no details of any release date for Europe, nor are there any details on the US release of the MFH video and DVD.

Rick mentioned in a Wall of Sound ( interview in late June that they have pre-recorded some 15 tracks for a new album. No producer has been mentioned yet, and it appears that more songs are to be tried out during the summer. He also" doesn't rule out the possibility of going back to a major label, though he's enjoyed the indie experience for MFH".

Early schedules for Trickfest 3 have been announced by Trick International. These include fan photoshoot with the band, and CT show on 25/8; autograph sessions, fan photo's with band gear, and all request show/Band Q&A on 26/8; on 27/8, each band member will hold a 60 minute music clinic, plus Q&A's with the bands manager and also producer Jack Douglas. Other events may be added during the 3 days, one of which will be a fan's "Battle of the Bands" to be judged by Jack Douglas.. It is likely that Harmony Riley will open the 25th Anniversary show in Rockford in August. This is the band that Rick's sons Dax and Miles play in. It also appears that Cheap Trick will perform a long show (3 hours or more) that night, apparently due to play an electric set, accoustic set, a set with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, and also songs with the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps. Other special guests are expected too.

Further to "Surrender 99" being available to download from the internet in the new MP3 format, one track from MFH has also been made available this way - Hot Love.

Cheap Trick participated in a VH-1/Tommy Hilfiger sponsored event in Las Vegas on 22 May. "Rock to Erase Multiple Sclerosis" featured a number of bands and highlights were broadcast on US VH-1 on 10 July. The band performed I Want You to Want Me, Dream Police, TV Violence and Gonna Raise Hell. Rick also contributed backing vocals to Jailhouse Rock, performed by a number of artists. The band played a hometown show on Independence Day (4 July) in Chicago, followed next day by an instore appearence at the Virgin Megastore in Chicago.

Rick can be heard playing lead guitar on a few tracks on the latest Enuff'z'Nuff album, Paraphernalia. The album also features a version of "Everything Works If You Let It", but again I believe it is only available in Europe on import.

The official fan service, Trick International is at 1957 - 86th Street, Suite 149, Brooklyn, NY 11214 USA. Write to this address for membership details. Additionally TI can be contacted via e-mail at Merchandise is available from Trickstuff. Orders and enquiries should be sent to Trickstuff, PO Box 1911, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA. The official Cheap Trick home page on the Internet can be found at .

The next issue (#17) will include a review of Trickfest 3 and the Rockford 25th Anniversary Show. The following issue (#18) is expected to include a review of the October shows in Japan. I hope my regular show reviews are still of interest. It is not feasible to request band interviews often, so I hope that hearing about recent shows help convey a little more of how the band are performing etc, as an addition to the news I report in this newsletter. My intention (as always) is just to share the shows I've seen (and trips surrounding them). Feedback is always welcomed.

I hope you've found this issue informative. I'd be grateful you could send a sae (or more) or IRC for the next issue. If you (or any other Trick fans you know) would prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail in future, please write to or e-mail me.

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