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Newsletter Issue #13 - January 1999

Welcome to the thirteenth "unofficial" Cheap Trick newsletter. This issue was to include an interview with Rick that I was kindly given in Aurora IL before the "In Color" show there, but unfortunately my recorder didn't record, my mistake. So I'm afaid the in-depth interview I'd hoped to bring you has been lost.

As speculated in issue #12, further live dates have been added:
31 Dec 98 - Chicago (well received I understand, and a day before the blizzards hit the Midwest !); 16 Jan 99 - Hallandale FL; 10-12 Feb - Austin TX (album shows); 13 - Galveston TX; March - date TBA, Chandler AZ.
As always, all dates are subject to confirmation and change. If you are on the internet, the Cheap Trick home page contains the latest information (see below) .

The recent Aurora IL album shows (9-11 Dec) were terrific, as they all have been. The set lists were similar to those in New York that I reported on in issue 12. However, it was a particular honour for me to walk on stage on my birthday, 11 Dec, to do the DJ patter for "On the Radio". A real thrill, and many thanks to the band and Carla for that {A.M.CT Review

Amongst the things I recall from the interview I had with Rick in Aurora were:
- that they are looking forward to having some time off, after touring almost non stop for the past 2 years,
- they didn't set out to deliberately have a "name" band open at some venues (eg, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins etc), things just worked out that way,
- Rick didn't discount the idea of future album shows playing other albums, perhaps playing two albums a night .."as we're already playing enough material after each album (show) to cover a second album",
- all but one track of "In Color" was re-recorded with producer Steve Albini, but there are no plans to release this material
- the band have material to go into the studio and record in the spring of 99, amongst possible producers, names such as Billy Corgan and Ian Taylor were mentioned,
- "Music for Hangovers" is complete and due for release early in '99 in the US, Europe and Japan, CD liner notes have been written by Billy Corgan <KG note: latest RUMOUR suggests release in early March, but this is UNCONFIRMED>
- the band are very pleased with the new web site (see below), and view the Internet as an exciting new medium (a number of concerts from 1997 and 1998 can be found archived at and
My thanks to Rick for a very interesting interview as always, and my apologies to everyone (Rick included) that I failed to record it properly. If I am able to interview in the future, I'll ensure my recorder is actually taping !! A lesson learned !

For those Trick International members amongst you, Trickfest 3 is still tentative for late May 1999. We await confirmation of both date and location, with Rockford, Illinois and Merrilville, Indiana seemingly the likely choices. Both are within reasonable travelling distance of Chicago. Members will hear direct from TI if/when details are confirmed.

A new back catalogue compilation album (titled "Don't Be Cruel") has been released in the US by Sony Music, without the authorisation of the band. A Chicago radio station sampler, ONXRT vol 4 was released in Dec, which features the 3/5/98 version of "On the Radio" from the Metro shows. You may also have seen Rick and Bun E in the video for John Lennon's "I'm Losing You", broadcast in the UK in mid December.

A review of the 2 UK shows in July can be found in issue #18 of a music zine "Black Velvet". More details can be found at, and a copy can be bought for 2 (or $5) from Black Velvet, 336 Birchfield Road, Webheath, Redditch, Worcs B97 4NG.

The official fan service, Trick International is at 1957 - 86th Street, Suite 149, Brooklyn, NY 11214 USA. Write to this address for membership details. Additionally TI can be contacted via e-mail at Merchandise is available from Trickstuff, but please note that the address changes from 1 Jan 1999. From then, orders and enquiries should be sent to Trickstuff, PO Box 1911, Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA. One new item is a large, full colour 1999 Calendar, available for $18 (plus $4 postage in the US and Canada, and $6 everywhere else). Payment in US$ payable to 'Trickstuff'. The official Cheap Trick home page on the Internet can be found at, and as reported last time, looks terrific. Extra features are being added periodically, so do revisit often.

I hope you've found this issue informative. I'd be grateful you could send a sae (or more) or IRC for the next issue. If you (or any other Trick fans you know) would prefer to receive this newsletter by e-mail in future, please write to or e-mail me. And finally, wishing you all a happy 1999, and hopefully we may see a return to Europe by the band later in the year!

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